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There are many different systems available - but how do you know what's best for you? Of course, the easiest way is to have us assess your individual needs and supply the most appropriate, flexible and cost effective options. But until you do, here's our guide to the basics:
Single Splits
Single split air conditioners - the simplest built-in systems - consist of one indoor and one outdoor unit. The indoor unit is located within the space to be conditioned, and can be floor, wall, ducted or ceiling cassette type. This either cools or heats the space, depending upon the requirement. The outdoor unit is usually located externally and either rejects or absorbs heat, according to the room's demand.
Twin/Triple/Quad Splits
These work on exactly the same principle as a single split, but using two, three or four indoor units - ideal for large rooms where they may be too much load for a single split to deal with. All of the units are operated by the same remote controller and therefore would not normally be applied to multiple rooms.
Multi Splits
Multi splits work the same as twin, tripe or quad splits, except that each indoor unit can have its own remote controller. This allows the user the freedom to set each indoor unit's temperature or fan speed individually - perfect for applications where there are multiple rooms with the same demand. Note, though, that with this system each indoor unit must be set in the same operational mode (i.e. they must all be cooling or heating). If complete individual control is required, a three pipe heat recovery VRV/VRF is needed. 
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