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About Us

RS Air Conditioning Services is a company built on expertise - with over 70 years of practical, hands-on experience shared amongst its three directors.
Based in Peterborough and founded in 2007 by Rob Tysoe, it set out to establish higher standards of practice in the industry, whilst remaining responsive to customer needs, and keeping ahead of new European legislation aimed at minimising carbon emissions and environmental impact. We also commit ourselves to putting our money where our mouth is, continually investing heavily in training and equipment to achieve the best possible results.
The key to our success is our common sense attitude. The director, Rob Tysoe and managers Tim Johnson and Simon Hayes, started out as engineers and worked their way up, gaining valuable experience at Perkins, Grove Refrigeration and General Refrigeration along the way. That means we have a complete, first-hand understanding of the building services industry. It also means we have a better grasp of what our clients really want, and how best to deliver it. While other companies focus on price, or quality, or standards of service, we understand that you need all these together - on time, and with the minimum of fuss. That's why we're the trusted choice of numerous prestigious clients.